Our Team

Jon is our dynamic CEO. With his education in economics and work history in analytics and management, he is familiar with turning chaos into smooth operations. Ironically, he enjoys chunky peanut butter. Gifted with a mind for learning and attention toward details, Mike composes our research and helps maintain deliverables. We suspect his ability to keep projects in line comes from his wrangling skills as a cat dad. Proud father of 6, Keith is our master storyteller and marketing guru. His super power is getting people to listen and engage but he can also step on a LEGO without crying. We aren't sure which is more impressive.



NH Rocks aims to strengthen the local economy through affordable residential tourism and modern business success strategies. Ultimately, we work to promote a better New Hampshire.

"What does a 'better' New Hampshire mean?"

To us, it's a more supported and connected community. A "better" New Hampshire means those who live here full-time can better afford to live, play, and succeed in business. It means greater access to information and transportation, putting profits toward recreation, education, and housing.

A better New Hampshire is what happens when we prioritize people and
when we invest in and maintain the structures that help them.



We "close the loop" between businesses and residents, effectively increasing savings for both. For businesses, we offer tremendous value and opportunity to save on taxes, alongside affordable business success services (e.g.: accounting, marketing, consulting, content creation, etc.) via NH Means Business. This is to offset the discounts offered to residents through the Locals Card. 

The Locals Card is the only state-wide discount and events membership exclusive to residents. By keeping the cost of this membership low, residents realize their value rapidly. Over time, the savings equate to hundreds of dollars for the individual which eases the burden of bills and allows for greater local participation. We verify residency against the Driver's License to eliminate loop-holes opened by utility bills from second or third homes. We do not keep this information and delete it once your membership is approved. 

“I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the community, and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work, the more I live."
-George Bernard Shaw



The NH Rocks structure is one that sustainably works for good and benefits everyone involved by inherently acting as a local economic stimulus. Backed by a mission of community support, the NH Rocks structure is one you can trust. 

The long-term vision for NH Rocks is a community and human-centric one. We seek to better connect and improve the lives of those that call New Hampshire home and plan on doing that by acting as a Community Economic Development (CED) entity. 

Utilizing the Locals Card membership structure to make life a little more affordable, we seek to build community centers within each tourism region to help improve and connect New Hampshire. To accomplish this task, multiple issues must be considered. Some of these issues are workforce & affordable housing, logistics & in-state travel, and walkability & proximity to activity. Through this ambitious network creation, an incredible amount of good will be generated. 

We are pursuing certification as a "B Corporation" so you can trust we are committed to this mission of good.