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Imagine living where you were rewarded for shopping local, making repeat visits to your favorite local business, event, or group more affordable. That’s what this program is all about!

At NH Rocks, increasing the engagement between locals and local opportunities is at the center of what we do all across New Hampshire. After all, what’s the point in knowing what there is to do if you can’t afford to do it?

With active membership you can start accruing Local Points which can be used across the NH Rocks website to pay for local products in our marketplace, be gifted to non-locals as a sort of New Hampshire gift card, or redeem your points for cash or crypto! We are expecting to expand this program to include event tickets, restaurant purchases for delivery, and lodging rentals within the year!

How It Works

Fill out the application including your ‘local-ness’ proof. Acceptable documents are:

  • Last Month’s Utility Bill
  • A Recent Pay Stub
  • A State-Issued ID

Hit ‘Apply’ and Relax

Once we have received you application, we will manually go through the documents to verify residency. We try to approve/deny applications within 24-hrs but this time may extend depending on volume. 

Once a determination has been made, we will send you an email with your approval or denial. Approved applications will receive a congratulations and link to pay our annual membership fee ($15) while denied application will receive an explanation on why the application was denied with an opportunity to appeal with new documents.

It is important to note that you will need to verify your residency each and every year to renew your membership. We do this to stay current with residential movement, as individuals may move in or out of New Hampshire. 

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