Circle of Life in the 603

Circle of Life in the 603


NH Rocks is on a mission to get locals out of their comfort zones and into some of the state’s best small businesses.

By Cat Iannucci


When we work together, we all win! That's the method behind the model of NH Rocks. Here, we're breaking down the "closed-loop" business model NH Rocks uses to keep money flowing between locals and local businesses.

What We’re Doing for Locals
Our Locals Card membership, exclusively offered to New Hampshire residents, unlocks discounts at select businesses from the Seacoast to the White Mountains. It’s pretty simple actually, by offering discounts at businesses statewide, we hope to encourage residential tourism. What is residential tourism? It’s all of us taking the time to explore and enjoy the state we all live in and love. And we curate partnerships with small businesses to offer Locals Card holders a more affordable way to do that! Plus, our online directory is a great way to discover new restaurants, find a weekend activity to keep the kids busy, or get connected with your new favorite yoga studio.  

What We’re Doing for Local Businesses
Businesses that offer a Locals Card discount have shown an increase in both profit and foot traffic. It offers an incentive for existing customers to frequent the business more often while our directory sends new customers their way. Our professional branch, NH Means Business, also offers business members discounted access to a slew of professional services. We have a team of seasoned marketing professionals, financial advisors, and more ready to help local businesses thrive. So, small businesses that partner with us get to spread the word about their product or service, gain new customers, and get discounts on our suite of services.

What that Does for Us All
This “closed-loop” structure helps keep our money in New Hampshire and acts as a natural economic stimulus. Simply put, we earn our money here and spend our money here, which allows local business owners (and all their employees) to earn their money here too, and the cycle continues. We can invest in our community by buying morning coffee at the local coffee shop instead of Starbucks. We can invest in our community by planning our long weekend in the Lakes Region instead of in a different state. We can invest in our community by working together, and we want to help.