Introducing our Partner: The Granite State Ambassadors

Introducing our Partner: The Granite State Ambassadors


What is NH Granite State Ambassadors?

NH Granite State Ambassadors is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, driven by our professional GSA volunteers. We have certified over 1,850 people since 1996, and our GSA volunteers collectively serve an average of 20,000 hours and passionately assist well over 100,000 guests to our state each year.  Our volunteers can be found at over 20 visitor information centers, including the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, the Statehouse, chambers of commerce, museums, and 20+ special events.


With the support of our key partners, the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport and the NH Division of Travel and Tourism, NHGSA serves as a conduit between partners in the tourism and hospitality industries, as well as state and federal agencies and organizations.


GSA Certification

In order to become an official volunteer, our GSAs participate in training. Our professional GSA certification program not only imparts upon our graduates the "It's Always Sunny in New Hampshire" attitude, but it also gives our volunteers and industry friends a broad overview of the state's industries and its recreational resources. The training hosts presentations from over 25 speakers located around New Hampshire, as well as virtual interviews with businesses and organizations around NH.


Our volunteers also participate in additional certification programs, such as the White Mountain National Forest Certification, National Travel Counselor Certification, and a future NH Advanced Travel Counselor Certification. Each month, our GSA volunteers attend tours throughout the state to learn more about activities and hospitality/tourism businesses. These tours provide a direct experience with the location, which enables our front-line volunteers to share a word-of-mouth referral with a guest. GSAs are true New Hampshire Information Specialists.


NHGSA Mission

Our mission is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the informational needs of guests and residents of the State of New Hampshire through in-depth training and active participation of our certified Ambassadors. Our core values include a belief in volunteerism, participation, and cooperation. We believe in training and demonstrating the essence of NH Hospitality. We believe that the following two themes define this "essence":


Citizen Responsibility: A belief that individual citizens can and will take responsibility for our future.

Living Landscape: A strong attachment to the environment of the state, including both its natural resources and its built environments.

In short, we believe that New Hampshire will only be a good place to visit if it continues to be a good place to live. Visitors will come only if we work proactively to retain our scenic open spaces, rich historic and cultural attractions, and livable communities, as well as the social structure that values individuals and permits them regular opportunities to pitch in and make a difference.

NHGSA 25th Anniversary

Throughout 2021, we are celebrating our 25th anniversary. We have spent the year so far featuring different topics and regions around the state each month. Read more about our opportunities from our recap stories: June Lakes Region  |  May Seacoast  |  April Great North Woods  |  March Agriculture    February White Mountains  |  January Economic Development 


The current staff continue to build and cultivate the NH Granite State Ambassadors legacy by capitalizing on partnerships, fostering volunteer engagement, and increasing educational opportunities. Thanks to the dedication of the incredibly essential volunteers, NH Granite State Ambassadors will continue to serve NH for another 25 years. Interested in becoming a Granite State Ambassador? Learn more here!