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Jonathan Noury-Elliard

Jonathan is the creator of N.H. Rocks and although he moved out of the state to live in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and finally California, his heart has always belonged to The Granite State.

Jonathan grew up in Canterbury, NH in the middle of Ayers State Forest where he cultivated a deep appreciation for nature. Constantly curious and full of energy, he wants to help better his state by bringing awareness to the lifestyle he has fallen in love with.

In junction with NH Rocks, Jonathan is currently pursuing his M.B.A. in Economic Community Development, lives in Meredith, NH, and is the proud dog dad to his German Shepherd, Sia.

He is thankful to have such a wonderful team helping to promote New Hampshire through NH Rocks.

Kelsey Dobmeier

Kelsey moved to NH at the age of 5 and now, couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. She spent her childhood bass fishing with her father in Woodstock, swimming in Lake Winni, and roasting marshmallows by the camp fire.

An active sledder and snowman builder, she doesn't just find her entertainment from summertime activities. Year round, she stays active by hiking, attending a local fitness class or just plain hitting the gym.

Her free time is spent exploring New Hampshire and working as a Real Estate Agent.

Mike Drake

An avid outdoorsman and nature lover, Mike joined the team hoping to help people connect to the outdoors. Be on the lookout for him at events and exploring the great outdoors all over the Granite State!

Angelica Belo

Angelica spent the majority of her life living in the New Hampshire between Bow, Concord, and Manchester. She loves traveling around New England to find new coffee shops, book stores, or places to photograph. After moving away from the Granite State she grew an appreciation for her hometown and moved back to experience the beautiful nature and culture New Hampshire has to offer.

Between hiking, camping, and ice skating she stays active outdoors but is consonantly looking for new activities to try. She enjoys attending concerts, hanging out at breweries, or reading at a local coffee shop. She often spends her free time playing board games or Dungeons and Dragons with friends.

She currently works in the coffee industry which has been her passion for years. She loves how coffee can bring people together and will jump at any chance to make someone a great cup of coffee. In addition, she is a photographer who loves capturing the world around her. It brings great joy to share the places she visits with others. She values the local and small-town atmosphere that the 603 represents and is excited to help connect more people with more places in the state!

Japhet French

Japhet grew up on a tree farm in southern New Hampshire where the majority of his youth was spent in the forest - building forts to read in, snowshoeing, and skiing.

Through a plethora of camping and hiking trips around New Hampshire, Japhet began to cultivate an adventurous spirit. During this time, he traveled to Canada, Peru, and Iceland which solidified a love for travel and extraordinary experiences in nature.

"I feel lucky to live in a place that allows for both," he says, "New Hampshire of course, is home for me but there is something more to it. There is something special about a place that, despite the years spent in it, always begs to explored even more."

Reya Karageorgeos - Intern

Reya has lived in NH for all of her life, in both Manchester, and Somersworth. She enjoys going
on hikes to observe the natural wildlife that is present in NH. Biking while observing the state's
changes throughout the year, swimming in the lake when it is too hot, and meditating in nature.
She wants to help people find and appreciate the various activities that the state offers. Helping
locals realize New Hampshire offers a quaint beauty all should experience.

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