General Question

You can purchase tickets directly through event listings on To view your purchased tickets, click on the “My Bookings” tab in your user dashboard. 

Canceling and changes are directly handled by your event organizer. Please be mindful of cancelation policy and terms before purchasing tickets. 

Refunds are processed by NH Rocks after deliberation and approval with the event organizer. If the funds have already been withdrawn by the event organizer, NH Rocks can no longer issue refunds and you will need to receive your money directly from the event organizer. 

Currently, there is no digital option for local point redemptions on NH Rocks. However, if the event is an NH Rocks event, Local Points will be available for redemption of event extras on-site. 

Manage Event

All of your event details are handled directly through your Vendor Dashboard. Please be sure to double check all details for your events. 

To manage all Sales, Bookings, and Tickets, please click on “Manage Event” from your Vendor Dashboard

Attendees can be checked in either through your dashboard or by QR scanner. Please note, you will need to set up your staff to have permission to scan in attendees and they will need to download our scanner app.

You can request the withdrawl of funds at any time from you Vendor Dashboard. Simply navigate to your wallet and click on “Withdraw” to begin the process. 

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