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  • Gary N
    Gary N
    3 months ago

    Cottages are old but cozy and charming. The floors are not level and some doors may have trouble closing. But the cottage was clean and comfortable. Heat worked great and the gas fireplace was a nice touch. Shower is small, water pressure ok, plenty of hot water. The whole cottage felt more quaint and cozy than outdated to me. Would probably stay again

  • mike kinghorn
    mike kinghorn
    4 months ago

    Let me preface this review by stating that the owners are nice, friendly and courteous and that the little cabin we rented was very clean and neat. The owners provided things like soap and shampoo and the grounds were attractive and manicured. We overall enjoyed our visit here. The drawbacks and main reasons for 3 stars vs 5 are as follows. 1) the bed is awful. Hard as a rock and uncomfortable as a result. So hard that it literally caused us both sleepless pain filled nights of tossing and turning followed by mornings of terrible pain in our hips and backs. Bad. 2) but that’s not the worst part. On top of that the floor of the cabin also slopes to the right so the bed also leans at a right sided tilt. So in addition to a hard mattress my husband also kept rolling into me all night and it was literally physically exerting to stay in our normal places in the bed. Exhausting and deeply uncomfortable. If they can’t afford to fix the floors then for gods sake buy bed levelers! This was unacceptable. For $312 for 2 night off season they can afford to at least level the beds. 3) hot water. In other words what hot water? The bathroom sink has a sluggish TRICKLE of FREEZING water and nothing else. Ever. We let the sink hot water run for 15 minutes and nary a drop of hot water ever came out. Never mind the tiny little sign on the mirror about underground pipes and let it run etc. it simply doesn’t work. A literal trickle. Of freezing freezing water. The shower? Moderate pressure. Lukewarm water after running it for 20 minutes. Never hot. Barely enough pressure to clean one’s self properly. Guys if you’re going to have multiple rooms and cabins open after Labor Day you need to heat the water properly. Invest in a properly sized hot water heater that actually provides enough for everyone. Again for over 150 a night it’s unacceptable to not provide basic hot water in sink and shower. Period. That is not negotiable. This was ridiculous. All in all it’s nothing personal but I will not be returning. Nor can I recommend a stay here. Guys you need to invest in some upgrades. Level floors. Reasonable mattresses and hot water.

  • Naiyin
    2 months ago

    There website description is confusing. One cottage usually has 2 queens in 2 different rooms. We thought 2 queens in one room, it ends up we ordered 2 cottages... Also, the heater is super dry.

  • Katrina Winchester
    Katrina Winchester
    3 months ago

    Very basic. Very old and in serious need of updates and remodel! Slanted floors, old, dirty carpet, worms in shower, screen in door torn, old bed, wall radiator... Did have wifi and hot water.

  • Kelly-Ann Baker
    Kelly-Ann Baker
    a year ago

    Had a nice time on my 2 night stay. Is this place perfect? Nope, but they don't pretend to be. Family friendly and clean. Touches of updates here and there. Small but nice pool (parents watch your kids it DOES have a drop off). My bed was comfy but the other in the unit was not. Room could have been arranged differently to make it more comfortable. Remove a bed, add a sofa and it wouldn't have appeared so crowded. But, still clean and good value for money. Screen porch was nice bonus and the owners were very pleasant and ways working. Would visit again. Nice place for kids to play if you have little ones. Close to many trails and not a bad ride to N Conway. Quick jaunt to Bethlehem and Whitefield.

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