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  • Justin Veysey
    Justin Veysey
    a month ago

    The managers here should be fired. Two women, both claimed to be managers. Neither should manage anything ever again. Absolute terrible customer service and professionalism. Recommend going to a different theater.

  • ryan ratner
    ryan ratner
    7 months ago

    I attended a showing of the Black Phone yesterday. Now I know food at theaters is expensive and I get that. But the popcorn I received for the money I payed was garbage. Cold slightly stale would best describe it. Then we get in the theater and they started playing the previews and didn't turn the projector on. A guest had to go out and tell them. I spend a lot of money at the movies. But I won't spend it here.

  • Marissa Picknell
    Marissa Picknell
    7 months ago

    We would have left instantly if we didn’t really want to see the movie (it wasn’t playing anywhere else near us). First off, the staff is extremely rude. They were fighting with each other behind the counter, bullying each other & being so unprofessional. $46 for popcorn, a drink and 2 snacks! Then when we get to the theatre, the seats are sooooo small. If you’re over 190 pounds, you won’t be comfortable. We almost left because it was so bad.

  • Jennifer Fribush
    Jennifer Fribush
    a year ago

    Just reopened Oct 2021 after remodel. Fancy reclining seats, little tray tables. I do worry about how well the seats will hold up in the long term, they seem more like they're designed for a very a high end home theater rather than a commercial space. Entire theater is very clean. Screens are still small and there's no leg attachment on the recliners, but right now this is easily the best place to watch a movie in the area.

  • The Felix show 1
    The Felix show 1
    5 months ago

    This Theatre was amazing! A great movie experience.. a great movie experience and people that work there are super nice..

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