The Faddens have been making maple syrup for nearly 200 years, said Jim Fadden, the family patriarch, and have been selling the sweet stuff at the Fadden General Store and Maple Sugarhouse since its opening in 1896.

The Fadden Family like many early settlers of the early 1800’s harvested maple sap and produced syrup and sugar for their own use or to trade for supplies. It wasn’t until the 1930’s that they got down to producing maple products in a big way when they acquired a stand of maple trees, built a large sugarhouse and purchased equipment required for commercial maple syrup production. Always striving to produce top quality maple products, their efforts over the decades have been rewarded with many blue ribbons at various fairs, four previous Carlisle Trophies and a Governor’s Cup for the best maple syrup in North America. With this year’s award the Fadden Family has won the Carlisle Trophy five times.

Over the last ten years the Faddens have replaced all of their collection buckets with plastic tubing and upgraded the rest of their equipment to stainless steel or food grade plastic. Today they have over 7,500 taps connected with about seventeen miles of pipeline. Jim, along with his wife Sue, sons James & John, and some hired help, annually produce over 2,500 gallons of maple syrup which are used or sold at Peg’s Restaurant, Fadden’s General Store, and marketed worldwide on the Internet at

The Fadden Family’s modern sugarhouse is located next to Peg’s Restaurant in downtown North Woodstock and contains state-of-the-art equipment. Maple sap enters the sugarhouse where it pumped through a reverse osmosis machine which removes up to 75% of the water. The resulting concentrate is then boiled down to the syrup stage in a 4×12 oil-fired evaporator. After passing through a filter press, the crystal clear amber syrup is packaged into various containers with use of a 40 gallon canning unit.

Fadden’s Sugarhouse is open to the public whenever they are boiling. They are also open during New Hampshire Maple Weekend and can accommodate bus tours and groups by appointment. People who would like to see a modern maple operation that makes award-winning syrup should stop by Fadden’s and experience seven generations of maple perfection.





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  • Kurt T
    Kurt T
    a year ago

    I am so happy we decided to stop in here. This store has been owned and operated by the same family since the 1890s. Thank God for family businesses, hard to find a store like this today in most of the country. They offer a Huge maple selection, local NH drinks, and other local items. This place totally seconds as a museum with all of the cool stuff they have on the walls. Coolest store ever

  • Lilla
    a year ago

    Cute country general store. On one of the main st of Woodstock nh. Near restaurants and other shops. All sorts of stuff. We didn’t end up buying anything but there were certainly many options. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable.

  • Drew Hoagland
    Drew Hoagland
    2 years ago

    Mom and Pop places do still exist. Thank god. Businesses like this built the America we know. Great small town options in a beautiful town! James was great to chat with- a blast from the past! Something we need more of!

  • Debra Donahue
    Debra Donahue
    11 months ago

    The customer service is terrible. Last I knew when you went into a store. They made there money by selling items to Customers. I went to purchase 2 items for my grandchildren today. The girl at the register had a major attitude and acted like she was doing me a favor. Then my daughter in law went to buy something and she also was given attitude. I will not shop there again. There are so many great General Stores in NH. Go to one that value you as a customer.

  • Michael Currie
    Michael Currie
    3 years ago

    From the pictures, Fadden is a big deal, so I am ultra impressed his general store is like a page from yesterday. Really. The stockage was light, but in the right way for an older gen store. I loved it.

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