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  • Mike Lemire
    Mike Lemire
    a year ago

    I spoke with Rick about a small repair job I needed done. He was the only one that reassured me that he could match the paint (in the area) and get it to blend in with the rest of the car. Seeing how my car's paint was only used in 300 vehicles (therefore very rare paint). He did a fantastic job. I cannot even tell the damage was there in the first place. Planning on bringing the car back to remove all the rock and debris chips the car has received over the years. Very satisfied.

  • Johnny99
    5 years ago

    Be very very wary of this business. I dealt for many month on the purchase of a classic car from Mary and Fonzie. Being 5 states away, i chose to trust their word from multiple phone calls, photos and videos on the car I wanted. FONZIE explicitly told me there were absolutely no leaks and nothing wrong with the car. I should never have trusted these people... Once they got my $25,000 and I received the car, within 5 minutes of running the engine, there was oil pouring from the rear engine oil seal. Not dripping, POURING. I spoke with MARY, FONZIE and ROBERT before buying this car. I was promised no leaks of any kind. Once they got my money, they now don’t respond to me. If you come across the car you want at their place... absolutely don’t trust anything they tell you about it. Evaluated it in person and/or by a pro. There were many other issues with the car I bought which they verbally told me didn’t exist. Broken gauges, windows that won’t close, no charge from the alternator, etc... I got screwed in this purchase because I chose to trust people I didn’t know. Learn from my mistake.

  • Lentin Joseph
    Lentin Joseph
    4 years ago

    Not a trust worth place. Fonzi outright lied about things on the car I bought. Once they have your money, there will be no more returned calls or problem resolution. This place is not above sawdust in the rear end and oatmeal in the radiator to fix problems. Mary his wife also lied about the car I bought. Just stay away from this place. FonziesAuto is not where you should take your money

  • Robin Halperin
    Robin Halperin
    5 years ago

    I recently visited Fonzies Auto and was greeted by Robert Lemere. Robert was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and respectful while showing me the inventory. He guided me to the perfect car. I never felt pressure to purchase and learned quite a bit. A great spot with wonderful inventory of classics and collectables too. Would highly recommend Fonzies and working with Robert was a joy!

  • Sarah Patno
    Sarah Patno
    5 years ago

    We told Rob what we were looking for and he found the right vehicle for us! Large enough to fit the growing family and for a great price! I appreciate the additional warrantee offered- unusual for a used vehicle. I will be a returning customer for sure!

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