Hannah Duston Memorial was erected in 1874 and is the first publicly-funded statue in New Hampshire. Located on a small island at the confluence of the Contoocook and Merrimack Rivers, the statue commemorates the escape of Hannah Duston.





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  • Sue Laprise
    Sue Laprise
    6 months ago

    This is only interesting if you read the story!! The directions aren’t clear so follow the path in the parking lot toward the train and you’ll see it by the river on your left 2 o’clock. This is a great lesson on why to not tear down statues but instead tell the whole breadth of the story!

  • Linda Lyerly
    Linda Lyerly
    5 months ago

    Cool site. Interesting history. Need to visit the dedication in Haverhill as well. Nice view of the river with decent fishing spots available on the bank.

  • Judy C
    Judy C
    a year ago

    Have read many versions of the Hannah Dustin and Mary Neff story...it was great to see the statue and imagine their fear in captivity. I can't even imagine how they escaped in a canoe down the Merrimac with Samuel who had been captured earlier. Beautiful area in the fall.

  • Doug Peabody
    Doug Peabody
    2 years ago

    Pretty place on the Merrimack River. To bad the historic statue was vandalized by some careless paintballers.

  • Boston Dan
    Boston Dan
    2 years ago

    It's alright. Nice photos of the river and train tracks but unfortunately it's been vandalised. And lots of trash everywhere

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