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Once the best kept secret at Rumney, now the secret is out and this is a popular destination for many Rumney climbers…. Routes from 5.6 to 5.12c many of them with sickening exposure for single pitch routes…. At the Hinterlands, you will find what you are looking for for sure. The cliff has steep pumpy routes, slabs, technical faces, and even a few cracks…you will find sun and shade on the same day, and in the winter you can even climb rock and ice on the same day, what more can you ask for?

The hike might seem long to those spoiled by Rumney’s typically nonexistent approach hikes, but a half hour should get you there, and you will find must do climbs at a variety of grades and styles such as, Jolt (5.10b) maybe the most exposed 5.10 at Rumney, climbing the very edge of a fin of rock 80 feet above the trail. Or if you want something exposed but more moderate try, Dolt (5.9, just right of Jolt), or Electric Socks (5.8+, one of my favorite routes at the grade at Rumney)…. If it’s hard, steep climbing you want, Giant Man (5.12b/c) is worth the hike all on its own…. This is only to name a few, the list goes on….

Note: Be aware that high up on portions of this crag, especially in the area of Jolt, the rock is unstable and there are massive pieces ready to come down. There is a huge block above Hinterlands Highway. Hanging out below puts you in the danger zone. Find a safer spot to wait for your turn off to the side and wear your dome piece while belaying if you have one.

Getting There

The quickest way to get there is to pick up the trail from the Blackjack Boulders up to Triple Corners Wall…then head left and up a steep hill and a gully with a fixed rope in it…continue your way up the steep hill to the Hinterlands cliff…Climb over a log and you are officially there…. To the right is a slab capped with the huge roof of Giant Man (5.12b/c) walk left and down to get to Jolt (5.10b)….

Alternatively, longer but more mellow and avoiding the fixed rope gully, continue west on the trail through the Blackjack Boulders, to the Northwest Territories and up to the Prudential Crag. From there a traversing trail (stay low)) heads right to Jolt.





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