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  • h pex
    h pex
    a month ago

    Excellent local bagels at a good price. Staff is always friendly and helpful! There seem to be a good number of reviews regarding the price... it's the same as anywhere else in town, except these bagels are actually made locally. And as for being understaffed, who isn't right now? If you don't want to deal with waiting then get your bagels at 12pm when they are less busy. You could even have a pleasant interaction with the staff!

  • Jeff Galle
    Jeff Galle
    6 months ago

    Stop here and get yourself a Chuck Wagon breakfast sandwich. It’s a breakfast sandwich of champions loaded with Canadian bacon, bacon, sausage, egg, and American cheese shown here with an everything+cheddar bagel. You won’t be disappointed.

  • The Upgradable Fisherman

    This was a chicken parm sandwich that costed 8.50. No marinara and the chicken is 1/3 the size of the bagel. Not worth the price any day of the week. Gas stations serve better food and with better service.

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith
    4 months ago

    Went at 9:30am on a Monday. They were out of eggs, capers, and lox. How do you run out of eggs when half the menu is breakfast sandwiches? It's not like eggs go bad quickly. Also lox is in the name of the restaurant. How do you run out of the ingredient in the name of the restaurant? I defeatedly ordered an everything bagel with cream cheese. It was fine. The bagel wasn't anything special. First impression wasn't great. I don't think I'll pursue going there again.

  • Chelsea
    3 months ago

    Update: I have called and have emailed my receipt to the owner and still have not received any response. It’s been almost two weeks. I’ve accepted I’ll never be refunded and it comes down to principal at this point. I’m making everyone aware that this is not an ethical company and you should take your business somewhere that has respect for their customers. /// Be aware of overcharging! I used to be a regular customer but I will never go back. I found out I was overcharged by over $10 and I was told at the store that they couldn’t refund me. They gave me a number to call, so I called the number explained the situation and never even received a call back! Any ethical company would make an attempt to rectify an error which was a mistake on their end. In addition, The prices seem extraordinarily high. I’m on a budget so I simply get a bagel and cream cheese but the person (who’s bagel I paid for unknowingly) ordered an egg sandwich and it came to over $8! How can an egg and cheese bagel be eight dollars? I also think I’ve been overcharged in the past because one time I was on the phone distracted and I paid $14 for a bagel with cream cheese and a coffee. But I didn’t address the issue at that point. I’m going to look at my credit card statements to see how many times I’ve been overcharged. If you do decide to go there I would definitely check your receipt. They do not tell you the total before they ring you up and it’s not on the screen either.

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