Mount Major (Main Trail)

Alton Lakes

Main Trail (Blue) to Mount Major is a 2.8 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Alton, New Hampshire that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding





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  • Silly Bunny
    Silly Bunny
    8 months ago

    It is a great hike for beginners. There are a few variations of loops to choose from. It is ranging from 2.9 miles to 4.6 miles. The shorter the distance, the steeper the trail. Thank to Lake Winnipesaukee, the view from the top was very rewarding. The picture didn’t do it justice.

  • Kent Sorenson
    Kent Sorenson
    3 months ago

    This is a terrific hike if you're looking for stunning views and a bit of adventure. We took the main trail to the summit and the Boulder Loop trail back to the bottom for about a 3-mile round trip. On Oct. 15 we hit the colors at what seemed to be the absolute peak. We had a perfect day with great views of Lake Winnipesaukee. The moderate level of difficulty on AllTrails is appropriate as it does have some sections that are somewhat steep on rock that could be slippery if wet or icy. In most cases one can find a way around, but expect some to work harder than just walking up a smooth trail. If hiking it in October, you'll have plenty of company on the trail, and parking at the trailhead will overflow fairly early, so parking will extend over half a mile down the road. We found taking the Boulder Loop on the descent to be a great way to get away from the crowds. It's also a gorgeous hike through the trees and the colors were even more spectacular than the main trail.

  • Jeffrey Mensah
    Jeffrey Mensah
    8 months ago

    Easy hike with no crazy steepness. Watch out for the rocks 🪨 it makes it not a smooth steps. But once you get to the top which averagely should be about 35-40mins for a 1.3miles the views are astonishing, the Lake, islands, mountains is worth driving from Worcester lol. I will definitely visit again. I managed to capture some clips which I’m putting together for my YT channel: Polaxky. Y’all can check it out lol. Nature is my Therapy 🏔🙏🏿🧘‍♀️

  • Stuart Green
    Stuart Green
    a year ago

    Awesome views, particularly for a mountain that can be reached in only 2.7 miles & 1090 feet of elevation gain on the Main Trail. If you don't mind a few more rocks, I'd recommend returning on the Boulder Loop Trail on the South side of the mountain. We also checked out Quarry Mountain and Straightback Mountain which connect up to Mt Major. Around 4 extra miles, but not much in terms of extra elevation gain. Checkout our map & review at

  • Francois Vignon
    Francois Vignon
    a year ago

    when fall comes I stalk the weather app and when a perfect Indian Summer day is about I take a day off from work for a day trip. Mt Major was one of the best so far. The climb is fun with some scrambling (blue trail) and views, and the descent has views then a nice brook (yellow trail). The summit is beautiful with many different views and many spots to rest, and the lake below. If you summit early enough on a warm day, the lake is covered in fog from evaporation, and it feels as if you are above the clouds. We went on a non-holiday Wednesday and as we started at 9 there were many spots to park, but by the time we came down at 12 the lot was full and cars were already parking on the road.

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