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83 Milan Road
Milan, NH 03588
Phone: 603-271-3556

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Note: Site construction at the Big Nansen has begun. Access to the site is very limited while the landing hills are being re-profiled.

The Nansen Ski Jump was constructed in 1936-38 by the city of Berlin and the National Youth Administration in cooperation with the Nansen Ski Club. The jump is located just north of the Berlin city line, across from the Nansen Wayside Park. The ski jump has a 171 foot steel frame tower and supports a 310 foot runway.

For almost fifty years this was the largest ski jump in the eastern United States and the foremost jump in the country. Nansen Ski Jump was the site of major championship ski jumping competitions for many decades. In 1938, the first Olympic trials were held at the Nansen Ski Jump and Milan hosted the United States Ski Jumping National Championships in 1940, ‘57, ‘65, ‘72.

The jump was closed in 1988 and over the years this site became overgrown and dilapidated. In November 2011, a historical marker was placed to commemorate this ski jump and now an effort is underway to bring life back to this piece of New Hampshire’s ski jumping history.

The Nansen Ski Jump Restoration Project is currently underway with a goal of restoring the site so visitors can view it as it once was. It started with brush clearing work in 2015 and since then much of the area surrounding the jump and landing area has been cleared in order to restore the landscape. In the summer of 2016 a crew started to rebuild the hillside staircase leading up to the jump and work was done to expose the terraced seating area below the landing. The process of re-decking the jump began in December 2016 and will be completed in January. For project updates visit our Nansen Ski Jump Restoration Project webpage.

Nansen Ski Jump – National Register of Historic Places Form

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Are pets allowed at Nansen Ski Jump?

Pets are permitted in the park. See the NH State Parks Pets Policy for more information.

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Google Reviews

15 reviews
  • James Knick (Jay)
    James Knick (Jay)
    6 months ago

    Just a couple miles north of Berlin NH the Nansen ski jump built in 1936, was at one time the tallest steel-tower ski jump in the world.

  • Micah Blake
    Micah Blake
    3 years ago

    This is a pretty cool place. Although you can't climb the actual tower you can hike up the hill to get to the tower and really appreciate the massive size of it. The view is pretty great from up there. I could never image actually going off the jump though because it is so high. I really wish they allowed people to climb it but either way it's a fun time

  • Henry Danico
    Henry Danico
    a year ago

    Beautiful historic ski jump landmark. Unfortunately currently it is being renovated. And you can't drive up to the top to see it. But still it's wonderful.

  • Nikuman Dimsum
    Nikuman Dimsum
    5 years ago

    This is an awesome and historic site. They are trying to fix it so it can be used again, as seen with new wood boards. Short hike up--about 10-15 minutes from stop heading S on 16.

  • Grack
    3 years ago

    Very nice historical site

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