Content pulled from The Old Man of the Mountain Legacy Fund:

The Old Man Memorial (Old Man of the Mountain Profile Plaza & Historic Site) is located at Exit 34B from I-93 (Aerial Tramway Exit). Turn towards the Aerial Tramway and take the first left at the large wooden sign for Old Man of the Mountain. Follow that road to the parking lot. Walk around the Old Man Museum and Gift Shop building (with seasonal restroom facilities) to the right and follow the path down to Profile Lake. There you will find the Profile Plaza.

The Old Man of the Mountain Profile Plaza features a monument designed by Ron Magers and Shelly Bradbury, which provides an exciting new visitor attraction and honors the state’s much-loved emblem.
The Plaza includes seven steel “profilers” that recreate the visage of the Old Man looking over Franconia Notch.

The Plaza also includes hundreds of paver stones purchased by friends of the Old Man from throughout the Granite State and far beyond and engraved with personal messages.




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  • Karen Saunders
    Karen Saunders
    a year ago

    I remember coming here as a kid, and seeing the old man of the mountain, and thinking it was such a spectacular creation. It fell apart over the years and today you can go and still get a feel for what it looked like back when it existed. The views all around are beautiful as well. Foliage today was nothing but “picturesque”. Amazing views!

  • Aggie Wang
    Aggie Wang
    a year ago

    It’s a quick stop after visiting nearby Echo Lake and taking some trails in the area. Although the old man of the mountain profile no longer looks as it was before, viewing poles really do a good job replicating the profile image. The lake and the surroundings are beautiful and serene.

  • Joseph Mitchell
    Joseph Mitchell
    a year ago

    A special and honorable place for NH's most iconic symbols. The Old Man of the Mountain represents so much to New Hampshirites and beyond. The site reflects upon the history of the area and the Old Man, but also brings serenity to the current nature of the location. The trail to the site is also very enjoyable. Remember, when here to follow leave no trace and sustainability guidelines. Do not leave trash and respect all aspects of nature to keep this place wild and sustainable.

  • Brandon Barrett
    Brandon Barrett
    a year ago

    The profiler plaza is a wonderful tribute to the old man of the mountain formation that is so identified with the state of New Hampshire. I'm sad I never got to see the iconic formation before it collapsed but the representation on the profilers has to be the next best thing. With parking right off the highway the profile plaza is just a short walk. This is a must do!

  • Amanda Cheng
    Amanda Cheng
    a year ago

    Great area to stop by if you're driving through the white mountains on I-93. There was no entry fee when I came and parking was plentiful. This was also on a sunny Sunday afternoon in June. There was a well paved path from the parking lot that takes you down towards a pond and the profiler plaza, which are some metal poles that contains the old man of the mountain's profile. You can step behind the poles in the designated height markings according to your height, and align the profile with the face of the mountain to see what the rock formation looked like before it collapsed. The plaza was also filled with history and information on the preservation efforts and collapse of the old man. There was also a nice sitting area in the plaza that looks at the pond (which has super clear waters!) and enjoy watching the people fish in the pond. The restrooms at the park were also very clean and we'll maintained. Would highly recommend a stop here if you're in the area and have a few minutes to spare!

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