Richardson Pond / Goodwill Conservation Land

Barrington Lakes

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This is a cool area in Barrington NH that I found while taking a walk in the summer of 2014. At the time I was healing from a shoulder surgery. I started climbing here in March of 2015. It has since been further developed by Christopher Gagne, John Branscombe (strong John) and Dillon Patterson. There are several short cliffs that are a couple hundred feet long but probably only 35-40′ high tops. Most of the climbing is not the greatest rock quality and almost all of it still needs cleaning, but most of all it needs traffic. BRING A BRUSH.

WARNING* There are Hunters that hunt on this land so be aware if you are there in the fall.

To get to the rock: Climb over the rail that keeps motorized vehicles out and go over the bridge. From here take a left on the “Winnie the Pooh trail” or go right to stay on the main trail (main trail is a bit longer approach). From the Poo trail catch the “Melvin” trail. This is a small single wide trail that follows the waters edge. The Melvin trail will act as a shortcut eventually dumping you back into the main trail which you cannot miss because of how wide it is. As you approach on the Melvin trail you will pass the Entrance Wall area on the left, a short wall (6-7′ high at most and 40- 50′ long). At the end of the Melvin trail you will see “Poo’s house” on the left as well (this is a much taller and definitely more noticeable piece of rock, covered in Lichen with a cool cave feature) Note* please put the Pooh’s House decorations back if you remove them to protect your landing because they were placed there by the town for part of the children’s trail. At the end of Melvin trail when you connect back into the main trail go right, shortly after you get back on the main trail you will see another face up a hill to the left with an overhanging bulge (this is a very unique area with limited bouldering but a couple hard sport routes that have been bolted and top rope opportunities). As you continue from here along the main trail you will arrive in the corridor, an area with some short bouldering walls on the right and some very dirty slabs on the left. at the end of the corridors there is a fork in the trail, go left, you will go down a hill and the main cliff will be on your left with a few boulders in front of it.

Anyone that has been involved in the development of Richardson’s Pond, feel free to hit me up with your FA’s, Route names and locations/improvements that you would like to add.

Getting There 

From 125 turn onto Rt. 9 (Franklin Pierce HWY) and drive until you pass the large turbo cam facility on the right. As you crest the hill after passing turbo cam, you will see the sign for the parking lot will be on the left across from a white house with a big white barn.

From Rt. 4 turn onto 202 continue until it merges into Rt. 9 from here you will not see too many good landmarks to guide you until you reach the parking lot immediately after passing a large pond on the right (with the large white house and barn on the left). Note* if you pass the large turbo cam facility on the left you went too far.





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