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  • Daniel Cooper
    Daniel Cooper
    6 months ago

    I recently bought a 2022 Ducati Hypermotard SP from Seacoast Sport Cycle and dealt exclusively with Jim Smith (business owner) throughout the experience. The purchase process was a complex one, given the lovely combination of Covid-era supply issues and $9K worth of upgrades to be installed before delivery. There were many “moving parts” to the transaction as the bike was still nearly a month out from Ducati and as we awaited various parts from different suppliers. I should begin by saying that I am an extremely meticulous person who tends to get a bit anxious and high-strung about the details. OK, fine, what I mean is that I can be a totally OCD nutcase who could drive many sales professionals nuts. Having said that, I am extremely loyal, my money is green and I have purchased over 30, high-end European motorcycles (Ducati, Aprilia, KTM). If you take care of me, I’ll go to war for you. Throughout the entire experience, Jim’s demeanor and handling of my purchase (and my personality) was the epitome of patience and professionalism. His verbal and written communication over a 6-week period (as we awaited first the motorcycle and subsequently all of the parts/accessories to arrive) was always prompt and detailed. He never let his feathers become ruffled in the face of my occasional bouts of impatience and was always calm and respectful. In my 35 years of buying premium motorcycles and cars, I have never encountered a superior communication experience. The delivery experience was flawless and efficient. Jim personally guided me through the Hypermotard’s functionalities with just the right amount of information to avoid overload. Lyn Morin (Finance Director) was also great (warm personality, buttoned-up in her presentation of documents and low-pressure in her offering of “back-end” menu options). Immediately after taking delivery of the motorcycle, I encountered a technical problem relating to the design of the Ducabike (aftermarket supplier) rearsets which was not in any way the fault of Seacoast Sport Cycle. Despite my, er, prickly initial reaction to the problem, Jim remained placid and imperturbable. He jumped on the problem with admirable sense-of-urgency, had some custom spacers fabricated by his local machine shop and air-express overnighted them to me, along with new swingarm pivot bolts. He didn’t charge me a dime for any of this. Bravos & a standing ovation! I thank Jim Smith for his superlative client service approach and would unequivocally recommend Seacoast Sport Cycle to anyone hoping for a level of motorcycle purchase experience that all motorcycle dealerships should strive to emulate.

  • Ian Hicks
    Ian Hicks
    5 months ago

    I recently bought a 2022 Aprilia Tuareg from Seacoast Sport Cycle, and the process was easy! I dealt with Jim, he was honest and down to earth, no dealer fees or mark-ups, just the vehicle MSRP and freight cost. This was the most pleasant buying experience I have ever had when buying from a dealer. A great place to buy gear as well, they have a good selection and competitive prices. It's hard to find dealers nowadays who treat you like Seacoast Sport Cycle does.

  • Evan Kus
    Evan Kus
    a year ago

    Great place to buy a motorcycle, parts or accessories and get gear. Prices are very reasonable and the staff makes you feel comfortable. They aren't pushy like some dealerships can be yet are willing to answer any questions you might have. They also allow you to test drive a motorcycle depending on the availability of the model after signing a waiver and ensuring you are wearing the proper gear. Great selection of Ducati and Aprilia and other Italian small motors. If you do end up buying a motorcycle, they will even deliver it to basically anywhere in ME, NH, MA, VT, plus maybe more for a flat $50. There is also a cafe in a permanent food truck in the parking lot.

  • Rick Cherne
    Rick Cherne
    4 months ago

    We went in to see a new Aprilia 660 today and much of the team was at the race track for the last race day of the season. This was our first visit to this shop ever. Jim, the sales team leader, we were told was out sick for the day. DESPITE ALL OF THAT we were treated promptly and professionally by a young man and 3 young ladies that answered most of our questions. One young lady was very understanding of our challenge to see if a bike my wife is very interested can be fit to suit her needs. She was so positive and confident that it validated my instincts that this shop is filled with "can do" spirited people that work as a team to help their customers enjoy the sport. She took detailed notes on everything that was important to my wife in this new bike. She understood, as a fellow experienced female rider, the importance of each thing my wife requested. I'm so impressed by all the notes she took and her confidence that she will get back to us quickly with solutions. We look forward to hearing back from the technical experts and continuing our relationship with this professional team. We're optimistic that we WILL become part of your family and we WILL be riding a couple of bikes from you in the very near future. THANK YOU for your time and attention today.

  • David DeVries
    David DeVries
    a year ago

    I bought my first motorcycle recently from Seacoast Sport Cycles. From purchasing to delivery it was a great experience. Good people and knowledgeable. I’m very happy with the sales/service I’ve received from this company!!

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