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  • Danyelle Nevin
    Danyelle Nevin
    6 months ago

    Beautiful escape from the noise of downtown. This bridge has a unique history and is one of a kind. It has survived 2 fires so there are a few sketchy spots but it is not unsafe for foot traffic.

    4 months ago

    Sure wish they would rehab this bridge before it falls into the Winnipesaukee. Some guy was brave enough to walk out to the middle of this bridge to take photos. I wouldn't do it myself. The rivers edge was starting to get its color. The trail up top, still all green.

  • Stephen Priest
    Stephen Priest
    3 months ago

    Google Maps has the wrong location if you use their directions. Either look for Trestle View Park or Winnipesaukee River Trail-Franklin Trailhead. Google Maps will take you to a neighborhood that is not near the bridge. Hey Christine Levitan! I remember you writing about visiting all of NH covered bridges! You should check ✔️ this one out! I learned about this bridge from reading the online magazine "Only in New Hampshire". Even though it's on the list of NH covered bridges, it's not covered. It's considered covered because it looks like a covered bridge that has been inverted. I actually looked underneath and the support structures sort of reminds me of the interior of covered bridges I have visited. It's a quarter mile of a walk from the entrance to Winnipesaukee Franklin Trailhead. You can cross it, but, use some caution when crossing. Keep your children close because there are no handrails. In the center, there is metal in between the tracks so you can't fall through. There is one spot where it has been removed. Both sides do not have metal underneath the tracks. The view of Lake Winnipesaukee from the center of the bridge is fabulous! The Fall foliage makes the view even more special. For some reason while crossing the bridge I started thinking about the series. The "Walking Dead". I don't know why. It is not wheelchair accessible. You may have to carry your stroller and bike 🚲 across. If you continue on past the bridge, you can still see railroad tracks that have not been removed. Further down there is the Mill trail, where you can see remnants of an old mill from yester century. There is access to the bottom of the bridge. There is some litter down there unfortunately. For history buffs, and people who want a little adventure in their walk, I recommend a visit!

  • Jessika Francesa Gardner

    Just love this place ... but tread carefully, as with any rustic sites...

  • joey kelleher
    joey kelleher
    5 months ago

    Great scenery. One of my favorite photography spots

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