Twice named Best of NH, Teatotaller is a “queer, hipster oasis of tea, coffee, and pastry goodness.

It’s hard to pin down a place like Teatotaller in Somersworth — tea house, coffee shop, breakfast and lunch spot, third place, and hub of a people’s conspiracy to make Somersworth an epicenter of joy, art and human liberation. -NH Magazine

Teatotaller is a café, tea-house, bakery and venue located in Historic Downtown Somersworth, New Hampshire. Originally opened in 2011 on Main St., Teatotaller opened with a new spot on High St, across from City Hall and Poppyseed Studio. We serve a range of tea and coffee beverages, specialty pastries, and breakfast and lunch items for all occasions and dietary needs. See our menu for more info.

Named “Most Instagrammable Restaurant in America” by Food Network Magazine





Teas + Boba + Lemonade + More

  • Hot Tea

    Reg.: $2.65 Larg.: $2.95

  • Iced Tea

    Reg.: $2.95 Larg.: $3.25

  • Chai Latte

    Reg.: $3.65 Larg.: $3.95

  • Iced Chai

    Reg.: $3.65 Larg.: $3.95

  • Tea Latte

    Reg.: $3.65 Larg.: $3.95

  • Thai Tea

    iced vanilla black tea w/ sweetened condensed milk Reg.: $3.60 Larg.: $3.95

  • Matcha Latte

    Reg.: $3.85 Larg.: $4.15

  • Lemonades

    classic, berry, matcha, lavender Reg.: $3.60 Larg.: $3.95

  • Bubble Tea

    homemade milk tea with tapioca pearls ("boba")

    $ 4.95

Coffee + Cocoa

  • Filter Drip

    Reg.: $2.95 Larg.: $3.15

  • Iced Coffee

    Reg.: $2.95 Larg.: $3.15

  • Americano

    Reg.: $3.05 Larg.: $3.25

  • Iced Latte

    Reg.: $3.95 Larg.: $4.25

  • Latte/Cappuccino

    Reg.: $3.75 Larg.: $4.15

  • Espresso
    $ 2.75
  • Cortado
    $ 3.15
  • Hot Cocoa

    Reg.: $3.50 Larg.: $3.75

Build your own Brkfst Sammy

  • Breakfast Sandwich Starter

    Add the following: BREAD: - English Muffin - Rustic Maine Sourdough - Gluten Free Bread (+$0.75) EGG: - Baked Egg - Tofu Fritatta PROTEIN: - North Country Bacon (+$1.75) - Sausage (+$1.75) CHEESE: - Cheddar (+$0.50) - Brie (+$0.50) VEG: - Onion - Tomato - Greens - Sundried Tomato (+$1.00) - Avocado (+$1.00) SPREADS: - Dijon Aioli (+$0.25) - Chipotle Aioli (+$0.25) - Pesto Aioli (+$0.25) - Pepper Jelly (+$0.25) - Vegan Cream Cheese

    $ 6.50

Iconic Breakfast Dishes

  • Jonathan Seagull

    Baked egg, bacon, tomato, onion, greens, dijon aioli

    $ 7.85
  • Pick Me Up

    Baked egg, brie, pepper jelly

    $ 7.00
  • Folded Leaf

    Tofu frittata, sundried tomato, tofutti, greens

    $ 7.00
  • Waffles

    2 per order with syrup + sugar - Add a waffle (+$2.75) - Real Maple Syrup (+$1.50) - Toppings ($0.50)

    $ 7.50
  • Sides

    Avocado (+$1.25) Fresh Fruit (+$3.50) Toast / English Muffin (+$2.00) Bacon / Sausage (+$3.50) Maple Butter ($0.50)

Toast + More

  • TT Toast

    Avocado w/ chopped greens, garlic salt on sourdough

    $ 7.00
  • Avo Stack

    Avocado, vegan cream cheese, lemon zest, greens, garlic salt, on English muffin

    $ 7.00
  • Za'atar Toast

    Hummus, za'atar, cranberries, on sourdough

    $ 6.75
  • Endless Summer

    Peanut butter, fresh berries, maple syrup, on sourdough

    $ 6.95
  • Loaded Scone

    Scone with fresh berries + Whipped Cream

    $ 5.50
  • Grilled Muffin Top

    Grilled muffin top with maple butter

    $ 4.25


  • Brick Lane

    Curry chicken salad, walnuts, golden raisins, green apples, seasonal greens

    $ 10.75
  • Torontonian

    Avocado, brie, pesto aioli

    $ 9.95
  • B.L.A.T.

    Bacon, greens, tomato, avocado, & pesto aioli

    $ 10.50
  • Outlaw

    Hummus, avocado spread, greens, cucumber, sundried tomato, onion

    $ 9.65
  • Chipotle Chicken

    Chicken, chipotle aioli, sundried tomatoes, cheddar

    $ 10.75


  • Sweet Leaf Salad

    Seasonal greens, cranberries, blackberries, candied nuts w/ avocado cucumber vinaigrette

    $ 6.55



Google Reviews

234 reviews
  • Christina Mantas
    Christina Mantas
    a week ago

    Love the Gluten-Free Breakfast Sammies! It's always good service here; and the decor is bright and cheery, as is the playlist. The coffee is good, as well. I came here with coworkers for a few meetings when we worked in the area; and it was a relaxing space for everyone: A little bit of Hollywood and a little bit Alice in Wonderland.

  • kirsten lynn
    kirsten lynn
    a year ago

    Great customer service and fantastic atmosphere. I loved the style of this place, it made me want to stay forever! And they have this huge monstera plant I absolutely love. My main reason for going here was to make this shop my go to for bubble tea..I ordered a black milk bubble tea similar to a brown sugar milk bubble tea. I had high hopes for this unfortunately it didn’t meet my expectations, the tapioca is a bit hard, and it tastes like I’m drinking watered down coffee :( I would be willing to try one of there lemonades though, so I will have to go back. I also ordered the waffles which were great! Just the right amount of strawberries and whip cream 🍓 On top of that I ordered 4 macarons the mocha and birthday flavored ones and they are to die for! I’d be happy to come back to this establishment, and try some more of their food and drinks! Overall I would recommend this to family and friends.

  • Reb Whit
    Reb Whit
    3 months ago

    Emmet is a gem. The staff is professional and makes great drinks. The atmosphere is fun and interesting - those chandeliers and colors. It’s a great place to hang out with big windows to people spy.

  • Amanda W
    Amanda W
    a month ago

    Latte and waffle were excellent! Took home some loose leaf london fog tea and it's my new all time favorite. I also have food allergies that they were able to accommodate.

  • Chris Iooss
    Chris Iooss
    4 months ago

    One of the best places to eat. Great food, boba teas and drinks. Everyone working there is awesome. Love the environment, super comfy seats , board games and other activities.

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