The balance between everyday and elemental

From the mountains of New Hampshire, TERRACEA (pronounced teh·ruh·cee·ah) was founded with the belief that great outerwear should be both technical enough for the trail, but functional enough for your day-to-day life. Whether you are waking up for dawn patrol, or walking to the office in the blistering New England cold, our mission has always been to create best-in-class outerwear, without sacrificing functionality. We pride ourselves in creating some of the most progressive technical outerwear in the industry, and we embrace our “hybrid” philosophy of designing products that function through all aspects of life.

With the White Mountains just a stone’s throw away, we test our gear in some of the harshest conditions mother nature has to offer. Unrelenting wind and piles of snow have helped us create our signature cutting-edge fabrics, and our innovative technology has proven time and time again to be resilient in even the most brutal winter conditions.

Being with the elements is also our core philosophy as a company, and drives the way we design our products and our approach towards people and our planet. Terracea isn’t about battling the elements, but being prepared and excited to experience them, enjoy them, champion them. We exist to explore the process of nature’s ever changing seasons to protect you in earth’s ever changing climate.

Sand & Snow

Born on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, founder Eric Hui first came to the East Coast as a student living in Boston, and quickly developed a newfound passion for both snow and the cold New England weather. Within a few weeks, he found the need for a jacket that would keep him warm on his way to class, but also be technical enough to brave the elements of the White Mountains. He got to work implementing DIY improvements to his trusty ski jacket, which eventually became the basis of one of the first technical jackets Terracea offered. Eric believes in a pragmatic and utilitarian approach towards outerwear design, and always bringing that Hawaiian positivity into everything that he does.

Design & Development

In our pursuit for the perfect jacket, we hired only the best design & development professionals to work with. Our talented design team develops and tests gear for use in all outdoor conditions. We partner exclusively with one of highest end outerwear factories in Vietnam for our manufacturing needs. Our design team is always look to improve, refine, and optimize, and are continually seeking a balanced approach of what’s needed to meet our customer’s challenges with what they’ll actually recognize value from.






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