We are proud to provide Manchester with a local independent bookstore experience. However, Bookery is more than just a bookstore. We serve as a hub for book-lovers, artists, politicians, workers, dreamers, and those with extraordinary imaginations.





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  • Etta Lea
    Etta Lea
    6 months ago

    Books, coffee, adorable setting = ♥️! I just love this place so much. It’s not very big so curating the collection is important, and they do an excellent job. So fun to browse the featured selections, hang out at a cafe table with a coffee, pick up some writing supplies and start the next great American novel (or journal to your heart’s content if you prefer).

  • Ashley Bracken
    Ashley Bracken
    5 months ago

    Such a great place! From first walking in I felt so welcome, the choices of books and items felt like they were made for me! Really friendly staff, great cold brew at the cafe in the back, and great atmosphere overall. It’s the perfect place to sit with your coffee and just be present in the moment. Love it!

  • janet cobb
    janet cobb
    4 months ago

    Very warm and welcoming place to pass a half an hour, get a coffee, have a meeting, read a chapter or two. Go enjoy!

  • Doug Glaze
    Doug Glaze
    3 months ago

    Nice bookstore with large children's sections which my granddaughter loved. There is also a cafe inside. Unfortunately the cafe had a delayed opening and by the time it opened our granddaughter had already used up all her toddler patience!

  • Daily butt
    Daily butt
    2 months ago

    Its a very nice environment cozy store front with plenty of seats to enjoy a fresh cup coffee from the café in the store with a book from the neetly laid out shelves. the employees are kind and willing to help with anything you need. The store is also incredibly local friendly with plenty of 603 products.

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