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  • Elizabeth DiPrizio
    Elizabeth DiPrizio
    11 months ago

    My husband got me a gift certificate for “The Ultimate 100” - massage, foot scrub, mini facial, and scalp treatment. Scheduled and then, because it’s New England, there was a snowstorm! Carol was willing to keep the appointment and drove over even though spa was closed. She was amazing and so was the experience. Highly recommend.

  • Marley Morrell
    Marley Morrell
    11 months ago

    Beware when purchasing a gift certificate for a spa package- it is not possible to book these packages as a whole, ever. You have to do 1-2 treatments at a time over multiple visits. The massage therapist only works on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. There is one time slot per day, 10 am on Tuesdays or Fridays, or noon on Thursday. This is not mentioned anywhere prior to purchasing a gift certificate for a spa package, and it really should be. I was reassured over the phone that I could redeem my gift certificate for other services- but what's the point of advertising a spa package then? It's not right to be selling these packages if they cannot be redeemed as advertised. While I appreciate the reply from the owner, this is not what I was told by your receptionist or your online booking service. I tried as far out as your schedule allows, to May, and this was the availability I was given. If this information is not correct, I suggest you update your online booking system and inform your receptionist.

  • Jenna Dube
    Jenna Dube
    a year ago

    Just went here for a pedicure and was disappointed in the service. The nail tech did not speak to me for entire pedicure, which I can understand because I also work in customer service but it would have been nice to have some casual conversation or even just a “how are you”. She spoke more to her coworkers who walked by than me. It made me feel really awkward, especially because I could hear other employees talking with their clients. In fact, the only time she really talked to me was right at the end when she was asking me out loud in front of everyone in the salon if I wanted to tip. Obviously I did, but I tipped more than I felt the service deserved (20%) because I felt pressured. She was clearly rushing at the end of the pedicure and I found myself surprised by the quality of the pedicure. I thought I would be receiving a bit more care and attention rather than her quickly throwing 2 coats on and spraying drying spray on. I am very saddened by this experience because I was looking forward to a relaxing hour at a local business after a long day of work, and instead I felt rushed and uncomfortable. For a salon that is named Tranquility, I expected the experience to be a lot more relaxing and pampering. 48 dollars plus 20% tip is not cheap and I should not have been treated this way.

  • Brooke Sheeran
    Brooke Sheeran
    a year ago

    Got in last minute this afternoon for a much needed haircut. Zack was amazing- very professional, paid attention to detail, and gave the best scalp massage! The cut came out just right and I left feeling very refreshed :)

  • Max fuller
    Max fuller
    a year ago

    Walked in on a whim. Was lucky enough to get a walk in appointment with Zack. As a dude with long hair, it's hard finding the right place for a haircut. Zack absolutely killed it! Great dude, great haircut, great experience, and great advice for keeping my locks looking luscious. This is definitely my new spot, and is an easy recommendation.

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