Info from: Harry’s Bridges

The bridge was built in 1958 and repaired in 1964, rebuilt in 2013.  It is a single span Queenpost truss 61 feet long spanning West Branch Brook.  It is located north of West Campton, New Hampshire at Bridge Brook Campground.  The bridge is on private property ask permission to visit.  Directions:  1 mile west of I-93, exit 28 on SR 49 then right half a mile on US 3 and right again 0.2 mile to the Bridge Brook Campground.  The bridge was built at a cost of $3,700.00.  The original bridge at this location was built in 1874, and was replaced by the current bridge in 1958 when it was discovered due to deterioration it could not be repaired.  In 1964 it was washed off its abutments, washed downstream a short distance, retrieved and reset on its abutments.  The bridge rests on large rough-cut stone block abutments from the earlier bridge, with concrete caps.The bridge is covered with dark weathered vertical boarding on the sides to the eaves and the portals.  The deck consists of crosswise thick planking and it has a rusted corrugated tin roof.  This bridge is no longer standing.  It was lost due to flood waters caused by Hurricane Irene on August 28, 2011. The bridge was rebuilt in 2013.





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