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  • MNorty81
    7 months ago

    Mike is a good guy and very knowledgeable. Always pleasant to talk to. His prices are great and the quality of work is top notch. Much better than any dealership. Only small issue is that it’s just him at the shop. Not enough hands for the amount of work that comes in the door. Tends to lead to longer wait times for jobs/callbacks. That and the shop can be closed without notice. Even if it says that they are open on the website.

  • Adam Brandow
    Adam Brandow
    7 years ago

    I am a DIY type of owner but there are just some special equipment that I don't own. Shopped around for a motorcycle shop that would mount and balance a new pair of tires for me. The owner quoted me two price: one for the entire job and one for bringing in just the wheels and new tires. $65 was the cost quoted to me and it would take a couple days. Other local shops were all $90 but could do it right away. I wanted to save a few bucks so I brought my stuff to Wizard/Streetwise cycles. When picking up the finished equipment today, the bill was double! $65 per tire being balanced. The shop owner was not accessible to speak with on this matter but I needed to pick up the finished job immediately. I was reminded that since I did not buy the tires from this shop, the mounting was not included as a zero cost. This hardly constitutes the rational for price gouging a customer on labor because the parts were bought elsewhere. I'd take my business elsewhere if I were you but needless to say BEWARE what this shop quotes you to perform a task. -unsatisfied customer

  • Quality Cycle Works. G

    Wizard cycles is a traditional old school Motorcycle shop. It's about Motorcycles not how many bike's they get out the door. Mike is very Knowledgeable and more than willing to help

  • 2 Stroke
    2 Stroke
    7 years ago

    I received a quote for some machining work on a wheel. The price was less than I was quoted. Needless to say I will give them my business.

  • Paul Palmer
    Paul Palmer
    8 years ago

    I know quite a few people that would find this modification a Giant plus, not only for the reasons that were mentioned but for people that have a fear of the two wheel experience yet want the feel of that two wheel ride.

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