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  • Rachele Wright-McClure

    Today is the first time I've been here. I have suffered and still suffer chronic pain. I am tired of taking narcotics for over 13yrs and I get nerve ablation every year to help with the pain. The staff that waited on me Ben, has been helpful but he needs a little more knowledge on how much I need to take with the hemp oil. But he is very nice and he listens to what I have to say. If this oil does help I will be a long time customer. The prices is a little steep but with everything that I buy thru prescription and over the counter is what I spend any way. So wish me luck

  • Beth Hayes
    Beth Hayes
    5 years ago

    I love the Zen Gow Spa. The entire staff treats me like I'm their only customer. It is a treat to be surrounded by such lovely people, products, and accessories - the atmosphere is so soothing! I get regular color and highlights which are expertly done. I love the guidance I get in terms of "let's try this" (fully knowing my taste) or "let's keep doing what we're doing." It's all about choices!

  • Rachael B
    Rachael B
    5 years ago

    In My opinion Zen Glow is the best salon in Wolfeboro. It is a relaxing and Peaceful place to unwind and have some me time. The owner takes much pride in her business and really strives to make your experience a happy one. The women she has working there are extremely knowledgeable , professional, and kind. When you walk in to Zen Glow they make you feel like family.

  • Kate Satterfield
    Kate Satterfield
    6 years ago

    Nice girls but the worst manicure I've ever had. Ridiculously expensive ($15 to remove gel) and they didn't even touch my cuticles. No soaking or anything. My nails were filed so much I started to bleed, and now one is infected. They also painted them directly after filing and didn't wash the dust off. My poor friend sat for over 30 minutes with her fingers wrapped in foil and remover, which was extremely uncomfortable and painful as she was also bleeding from excessive filing. The polish was terrible, I could have done a better job myself. I can't speak for the other services this salon provides but absolutely DO NOT get your nails done here!

  • K Lynn
    K Lynn
    9 months ago

    Great boutique with great people! The store has a nice selection of crystals, soaps, jewelry, teapots, and much more. Well worth a visit!

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