Merrimack Valley

The Merrimack Valley Region of New Hampshire is most known for it's history, culture, and cities. Containing Concord, Manchester, and Nashua there is never a short supply of entertainment, regardless of time or season.


While New Hampshire doesn't boast the largest shoreline, we fill all 18 miles of our coast with activities and events. So rip the surf, dip your toes, or curl up into a warmly lit shop in the winter time. The Seacoast Region lives with salty air and a care free life.


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Nestled at the foot of the White Mountain Region, the Lakes Region gives us a taste of the good life - the lake life. Between the water sports, winter sports, cuisine, and proximity to tremendous hikes you will never be at a loss for things to do. So dip your feet and relax!

White Mountains

The White Mountain Region is your premiere source for outdoor adventure! In the summer, explore the heights and hikes or submerse yourself in some mountain water fed swimming holes. In the winter, strap on those ski or board boots and shred it up. Either way, if you love being outside you will love this region.

Dartmouth and Lake Sunapee

The Lakes Region isn't the only place where you can experience the lake life! Turn to the Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee region for another dose. Here you will find more lakes, most notably Lake Sunapee. If you're not too keen on lake exploration, try shuttling up to Dartmouth for the college and get a dose of educational culture!


This region is known for the handsomeness it displays. Small town charm is king here and so is Mount Monadnock, a memorable hike that is more than worth the trip. Be sure to bring your camera!

Great North Woods

Have you seen what New Hampshire was like before all the people moved in? If you haven't, maybe you should go north. This area is a true outdoors-man's paradise where you can kick-back and disconnect. Be mindful of the moose and don't expect much in the way of cell service. Up here the wifi is weak but the connection is strong.

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