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Bartlett, White Mountains 03812
The Dropline Area lies within 15 minute walk along the tracks from the iron bridge. Look left and locate the unmistakable yellowish icicle on the left. That's Dropline.
Rumney, Lakes 03266
All the ice is about thirty feet high or less. The far left side has the most steepest ice and some climbs will need trad gear. Take the trail to the 5.8 Crag. Left side ice is at the cliff line and the right side is far up the trail right.
Bartlett, White Mountains 03812
Hanging Gardens is located 100 feet or so to the right of Dracula... You can check it out on the hike down the gully after doing any of the routes near Dracula...
Bretton Woods, White Mountains 03575
Follow rt 302 north or south into Crawford Notch. Keep an eye out on the west side of the road for largest slide. Parking is below this on both sides of the road and is usually busy.
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